The Great Success & Everlasting Delight by: Majed Dodeen


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Apr 23, 2021
The Great Success & Everlasting Delight by: Majed Dodeen
I sat alone meditating and contemplating,
Deeply thinking about the universe, the human being and life.
I asked myself:
What would a fetus say if I were to phone him,
If I were to ask him about the circumstances there in his mother's womb;
How is he living?
I called him up and asked him to tell me something about his life….
His answer was:
Although my world is tiny, I am very happy here …
An umbilical cord feeds me,
A strange amniotic fluid protects me against any outside effects.
My world is ideal…no lying…no cheating and no hypocrisy…
I asked him if he had anything to add.
He replied: for the time being, he could not form his impression of the other side of the story
His last exact words were 'good-bye! Till we meet in your world'.
I waited until the plane landed after that nice short journey,
The delivery had already taken place
The child was still crying
People around were cheerfully laughing.
Then I asked the new born baby: as a newcomer to our world,
What would you say now?
His answer was: although your world is huge, I see it gloomy and dark.
This life is weary; a tear, a sigh,
Then I'll say good-bye and die.
Your world is full of lying, cheating and hypocrisy.
I wished I stayed in my mother's womb forever.
I told him 'there is a way if you follow, you can change the terms of your life.
Your tears can become candles;
Your sighs can become smiles
Even your death can become life in itself.
You have come to this world while crying
When people around you were laughing.
Following that way, you die smiling
When people around you are crying…
He immediately asked me: 'What is this way?
Please tell me?
I told him: ' The only way to achieve this is to believe in Allah (Glory be to Him):
To believe in His beautiful names and attributes
To believe that He is:
Allah is He, than Whom there is no other god
The Rahman
The Most Merciful / The Merciful
The Sovereign / The King
The Holy One / The Holy
The Source of Peace (and Perfection) / The Peace
The Guardian of Faith / The Believer
The Preserver of Safety / The Protector
The Exalted in Might / The Mighty
The Irresistible / The Compeller
The Supreme / The Most High
The Creator
The Evolver / The Maker
The Bestower of Forms (or Colors) / The Fashioner
The Ever-Forgiving (He Who Forgives again and again)
The Ever-Subduing
The Ever-Endowing
The Ever-Sustaining
The Ever-Opening
The Omniscient
The Constrictor
The Expander
The Demoter
The Promoter
The Exalting
The Humiliator
The All-Hearing
The All-Seeing
The Judge
The Just
The Subtle
The Aware
The Forebearer
The Great
The All-Forgiving
The Thankful
The Most High / The Most Exalted
The Grand
The Best Guardian
The Best Provider
The Best Reckoner
The Most Majestic
The Most Beneficent / The Munificent
The Watchful
The Answerer
The Limitless
The Wise
The Affectionate
The Most Glorious
The Resurrector
The Best Witness
The Truth
The Advocate
The Almighty
The Puissant
The Best Patron
The Praiseworthy
The Counter
The Initiator
The Restorer
The Life-Giver
The Life-Taker
The Living
The Self-Existing
The Author
The Glorious
The Only One
The One
The Steadfast
The Able
The Omnipotent
The Advancer
The Delayer
The First
The Last
The Evident / The Outward
The Hidden / The Inward
The Patron
The Most High / The Lofty
The Beneficent
The Oft-Returning / The Exonerating
The Avenger
The Pardoner
The Compassionate
The Lord of Power (and Rule) / The Owner of Sovereignty
The Lord of Majesty & Bounty
The Equitable
The Gatherer
The Self-Sufficient / The Rich
The Enricher
The Preventer
The Distresser
The Benefactor
The Light
The Guide
The Originator
The Everlasting
The Inheritor
The Best-Guide
The Most Patient

If you do so, you will win paradise and gain immortality
And in paradise you will have:
Life without death,
Youthfulness without old age,
Happiness without misery
And health without sickness.
And this is the real victory
The Great Success & Everlasting Delight and happiness