Brian Cox - Wonders of the Universe and other works (12 books)

Brian Cox - Wonders of the Universe and other works (12 books)

Brian Cox - Wonders of the Universe and other works (12 books)

BRIAN COX (b. 1968) is an English physicist and former musician who works as professor of particle physics at the University of Manchester.  He rose to prominence first as a member of British rock bands in the early 1990s (D:Ream and Dare) before ultimately transitioning to work as an experimental physicist, exploring the cutting edge of particle physics.  He works on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, and has appeared numerous times at TED, giving talks on the LHC and particle physics.

Though well-respected among physicists, it is Cox's work as an advocate for science communication and education in which he really stands out from the crowd.  He has hosted dozens of BBC programs and TV specials on everything from the solar system to the science of time.  His enthusiasm and straightforward explanations of complex scientific phenomena have sparked a wide interest in science among the general public.

Apart from broadcasting science, he has also co-authored and written many bestselling books about physics, among them WHY DOES E=mc²? (2009), THE QUANTUM UNIVERSE (2011), and UNIVERSAL: A GUIDE TO THE COSMOS (2016).  He has also co-written a number of books to accompany his many successful television series, including WONDERS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM (2010), WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE (2011), WONDERS OF LIFE (2013), HUMAN UNIVERSE (2014), FORCES OF NATURE (2016), and most recently THE PLANETS (2019).  Note that a number of these volumes are heavily illustrated, hence the unusually large file sizes.

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The following books are in ePUB format unless otherwise noted:

* Double Diffraction Dissociation at Large Momentum Transfer (PhD, 1998) – PDF
* Forces of Nature [with A. Cohen] (Collins, 2016)
* How the Universe Will End [with A. Cohen] (Collins, 2012)
* How to Build a Universe [with R. Ince] (Collins, 2018)
* Human Universe [with A. Cohen] (Collins, 2015)
* Planets, The [with A. Cohen] (Collins, 2019) ( for members only )
* Quantum Universe, The [with J. Forshaw] (Penguin/Da Capo, 2011) –  ePUB + PDF
* Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos [with J. Forshaw] (Penguin/Da Capo, 2016)
* Why Does E=mc²? [with J. Forshaw] (Da Capo, 2009) –  ePUB + PDF
* Wonders of Life [with A. Cohen] (HarperCollins, 2013) ( for members only)
* Wonders of the Solar System [with A. Cohen] (HarperCollins, 2011) ( for members only)
* Wonders of the Universe [with A. Cohen] (HarperCollins, 2011) ( for members only )


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