The Lovely Lady By D. H. Lawrence

By (author)D.H. Lawrence

This volume of seven stories includes the last fiction that D. H. Lawrence wrote. It is in his most mellow vein, and several of the stories at least should rank among his shorter masterpieces. The Rocking-Horse Winner is an amazing and uncanny study of childhood, with a feverish psychological twist that leaves the reader gasping; Rawdon’s Roof gives the character of a man afraid of women; the title story and Mother and Daughter pursue one of Lawrence’s favorite themes, the sinister conflict between parent and child. The others are chiefly domestic dramas – sketches or character studies affording the author a new chance for his brilliant attack on the shortcomings of modern life.

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The Lovely Lady is but one of a collection of short stories in this book. However, who is the lovely lady and where is she going? The situations portrayed in this collection of tales are as familiar to the human race as the dawning of the sun each day. …


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